65 Ships May Have Entered Occupied Port of Mariupol in 2023

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This information comes from Russian collaborators, so it should be treated with caution.

The seaport of Mariupol, temporarily occupied by Russia, handled 65 ships in 2023.

This was announced by one of the senior officials of the regional occupation administration, the CFTS portal reports.

According to him, this is ten times more than the number of ships that entered the port in 2022.

Last year, it was reported that the Russians and their collaborators shipped 115,000 tons of cargo stolen from the temporarily occupied territories through the port of Mariupol in January-October 2023. It was stated that the port handled eight ships in October 2023 alone, transshipping 21,600 tons of cargo, including 3,500 tons of construction materials delivered to Mariupol by the Russians. The rest of the cargo was probably stolen from Ukraine.