About Us

The Initiative for the Study of Russian Piracy (ISRP) is a group of former U.S. government officials, international trade experts, national security experts, and research analysts concerned by the immediate and long-term impacts of Russia’s theft of Ukrainian assets.

The group launched in the summer of 2022 with the goal of exposing the magnitude and potential impact of Russia’s looting and illegal transshipment of Ukrainian assets like steel and grain.

ISRP’s flagship project, Russia Theft Watch, serves as a resource for media, stakeholders, NGOs, government officials and the public as the world works together to put a stop to Russia’s assault on Ukrainian sovereignty and their illicit theft of valuable resources.

ISRP has released the flagship Russia Theft Watch Report estimating the scope and scale of stolen Ukrainian assets to date and also identifies the methods which Russia has employed to steal these resources. ISRP and the Russia Theft Watch project will continue to track Russian looting and transshipment and will provide updates and subsequent reports.

ISRP also offers recommendations for mitigation of the theft of Ukrainian assets and for compensation by Russia for the loss.