Another Ship With 7,600 Tons of Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

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Since the beginning of the year, the occupiers have exported at least 30,000 tons of grain through the port.

A ship that the Russian occupiers and their collaborators loaded with 7,600 tons of wheat at the facilities of the captured Mariupol Commercial Seaport has left the port.

The regional occupation administration announced this in a statement on 27 March, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, the cargo is being shipped to Russia. It was loaded onto the ship directly from trucks.

According to the occupiers, they have shipped more than 30,000 tons of grain cargo from Mariupol since the beginning of 2024. However, these figures should be treated with caution, as they vary significantly in different announcements by the Russians and their collaborators. For example, the shipment of almost 30,000 tons of grain from the occupied Ukrainian territories was announced in January-February. The export of 14,000 tons of grain by two ships was announced on 5 January. The export of a similar volume by five ships was announced in the first month of this year.