BREAKING: Russia’s Largest Grain Trader Linked to Theft of Ukrainian Assets

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A team of Wall Street Journal investigative journalists on Dec. 1 published an alarming report headlined, “Ships Linked to Russia’s Biggest Grain Exporter Moved Stolen Ukrainian Cargo.”

The report showed how “vessels linked to Russia’s largest grain trader shipped thousands of tons of stolen Ukrainian grain to global buyers, using a sophisticated system of feeder vessels and floating cranes, according to an investigation.”

The report focused on Russian businessman “Peter Khodykin, who in turn owns RIF Trading House LLC, the country’s largest grain exporter and a big player in global grain markets.”

The Wall Street Journal team of Jared Maslin, Anna Hirtenstein and Alistair MacDonald worked closely with the Initiative for the Study of Russian Piracy (ISRP) and its investigators in writing the piece, which untangled the complex web of ownership and shell corporations that facilitated the large-scale theft of Ukraine’s assets.

In a statement, U.S. Ambassador (retired) James K. Glassman, chief spokesperson for the ISRP, congratulated the Wall Street Journal and called for the U.S. Government to further investigate the role of Khodykin and others in the grain piracy and, based on the evidence, impose severe sanctions.

“It is time to punish all of those who aid in this unprecedented larceny,” Glassman said. “The Journal, ISRP and other organizations have uncovered massive collusion by established businesses in the theft of Ukrainian assets. These businesses must end their role in the rape of Ukraine now.”