Russians Illegally Transshipped More Than 140,000 Tons of Cargo in the Port of Mariupol in 2023

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From Mariupol, cargo is taken to three Russian ports and Sevastopol.

During 2023, the port of occupied Mariupol handled at least 65 ships.

As CFTS reports, this was previously reported by specialized Russian mass media with reference to the data of the occupation administration of Donetsk region.

It is noted that the total volume of transshipment in the port for 12 months last year amounted to more than 142 thousand tons of cargo.

Russians use the occupied ports on the coast of the Sea of Azov – Mariupol and Berdyansk – to export stolen products (grain, metal products, coal, etc.) from the temporarily occupied territories, as well as for military purposes.

As for the routes of illegal export of goods, the Russians themselves inform that ships go from Mariupol to the ports of Rostov-on-Don, Caucasus, Azov, and Sevastopol. In the future, they plan to open routes to Yeisk and Novorossiysk.

In particular, thanks to the export of stolen agricultural products from the occupied territories, the Russians manage to increase export transshipment through the ports of the annexed Crimea and the eastern coast of the Black Sea.