Another Russian Vessel With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Was Spotted in the Bosphorus

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Loaded with stolen Ukrainian grain, the Russian bulker “Mikhail Nenashev” passed the Bosphorus in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

“While the Black Sea sea corridors are successfully working for the export of Ukrainian grain, Russia’s theft of grain from the occupied territories of Ukraine continues,” Yoruk Ishik, an observer of traffic through the Bosphorus Strait, said.

Earlier CFTS wrote that the occupiers use the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk as the main channels for the export of stolen agricultural products from the occupied territories of Ukraine. Only this year, the occupiers took metallurgical products, ore and grain stolen in Ukraine through the Mariupol port to Rostov-on-Don or Kerch for raid transshipment.

For this purpose, a scheme is used, according to which, after loading, the “river-sea” class vessels move from Mariupol to the transshipment in the Kerch area, where transshipment is carried out to sea vessels of larger capacity. According to him, this scheme was agreed upon last year with the participation of Syria.